Okay okay. Thursday I went to the doc and got good news. I’m healing! I’m still bat shit crazy, but I’m healing! One more week of crazy and then I’m on to try the homeopathic and herbal remedy route to maintain the healing process. I have no guarantee that it won’t happen again, but while my body is in a mending stage, I’m going to try some natural ways to keep it there. Whoohoo!

After the doctor visit, I celebrated by treating myself to donuts! Oh man they taste so much better after victory!

donuts 6-2013

I mean, maybe I should be getting back to my everlasting struggle to working out because that will help my body too… but for now, donuts.

Thursday afternoon I got to hang out with some girls I haven’t had much hanging out time with. It was really nice to be in a new place, with new people. Sometimes its hard for me to come across as my absolute normal self when around new people I actually like. It’s been that way since I remember, but it’s getting better on my part (well, much better than being the quiet, socially crippled girl who couldn’t make eye contact with new people without feeling like I was going to have a minor heart attack years ago)  It’s slow going. Maybe I’ll be completely cool by the time I’m 87 years old. Yes!

I spent my free time running mad errands, cleaning like a daisy on crack, and planning for the weekend in general. Before I knew it, it was Friday night, we rushed off to our favorite sushi place Toshi, then picked up Brian’s mom from the airport. That evening we ate a fantastic 5-cheese plate from Artisan Cheese Gallery.  Honestly, for two people its quite filling, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to sit back and enjoy wine and cheese. I picked up cheese foccacia from PR Bread, and of course, WINE!

We stayed up late, and got up in the morning to head out to the Wildlife Learning Center. We took the Zoofari Tour again and met with the porcupines, foxes, and of course, the sloth. Feeding the porcupines never gets old.

Later in the evening we had Pace on Laurel Canyon for dinner. It’s right off the busy street, but it’s got a great atmosphere inside. Its cozy, dark, and full of energy. It was nice to show up early before it became crazy crowded by 8pm. It’s super loud at night but you definitely feel like you are somewhere full of life, yummy food, and good wine! I think everyone was pretty satisfied with their food, as I was. I am a huge fan of seeing the blue colors on green trees as the sun set, and we could see the trees just a little from inside, as the sun went down. There is a small outdoor patio as well, which I’d love to sit on the next time we visit. It’s definitely a good place to celebrate an anniversary or have a special date at. They also had an Octopus Table, which I will buy as soon as I win the lottery. Too bad I don’t play the lottery.

sylvia visit 6-2013

The next day we stopped at BFLA to say hi to the kitties, grabbed lunch, sat in the yard with the cats, and later in the day headed to the Magic Castle. By 11pm I was beat and I, being the young spry lad I am, asked to go home to go to nighty-town. It’s Wednesday now, and I’m officially running on fumes.

Today is also the three year anniversary of adopting little old Daisy! I don’t know what I was thinking on that day. I do know I was in the right place at the right time. And to think, gems like Daisy are put down everyday. I must be missing a ton of those “right place at the right time” moments all the time. All I know is that her being an ex mommy dog, and her wanting nothing to do with her shelter-mates in her kennel just called to me. An independent, wonky eared, giant teet little dog appealed to me. The first few months were rough, and full of “should I have done this???” But now I get it. I learned a huge lesson that you have to have patience with dogs, and you have to have a boyfriend who will bury cement blocks along all of the fences so your street dog will stop going for afternoon strolls.


Lastly, this is basically how I live my life, you like? Haha!:

tony stark

My song of the week:

Puscifer – Tiny Monsters. I love the build up, it reminds me of taking off on an epic drive..