As of last week I had finished up the Sansa Stark costume and off it went with Scarlett:

Scarlett - Sansa Dress

The dress is not an exact recreation. We didn’t want to use the expensive silk actually used on her dress, and thankfully, she wanted to pretty up the neckline which was a great idea. Perfect costume recreation accuracy is not my favorite thing to do. For instance, Victorian dress recreation – I am not one to follow the rules of which fabrics were used, which hairstyles were used, and most importantly, how little makeup was used! Id rather it be Victorian without all the rules. Thus far the only complaints have come from those requiring historical accuracy. I understand why you want to be accurate, but those boundaries are not for me.  In turn you get more attractive necklines, vibrant colors, and the modern day comfort of hiding tennis shoes under that fancy dress.

After finally having a girls night, incredible sushi (well, it tastes more incredible the longer you wait to have it again), and cleaning the house, I felt back to normal this weekend. I had plans to vegetate, but ended up getting on a project that’s been sitting in my office for years. I wanted to make a scrapbook of all of the places Brian and I have been. I collect and save lots of ticket stubs, hotel brochures, cards, and other little paper items from our trips over the years. It’s an incredibly boring book to any who look at it and haven’t been to all these events. With my bad memory, I can pull the memory up of the event the second I lay my eyes on any of these paper items. It triggers that memory right back into my mind. Since I assume my memory will only get worse with time, I’ll have all these books ready to remind of everywhere we’ve been, everything we’ve seen, and how much mileage we have on our relationship already.


The relationship of Drogo and Luna has slowly progressed over the past few weeks. Now they hang out and clean each other, which is fantastic! There were weeks when he’d crap in the hallway daily, and he didn’t even seem to like me, so it didn’t seem like I was taking care of someone I was 100% emotionally attached to. But now, he’s demanding I put down my ipad and sit next to him while he purrs and stares at me. He follows me into my office and lays on the bed hanging out with me while I write. I’m feeling our relationship grow and grow and am feeling more and more like he’s finding his place here. I remember daily that you can’t really expect a cat who was rejected a few times, stressed, re-homed once with new people, then re-homed again with new people to just love you even within a few weeks. It’s just such a relieving, accomplished feeling to see him slowly get confident here.

cats 7-23-13

Other than that, I came up with another idea to revamp my website… Do I have any real good reason for it? Probably not. I just hate appearing outdated.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd that’s all for this week!