My bff’s birthday was this week and we enjoyed Dim Sum in Chinatown! It was soooooooo good, except for the chicken feet. *nudgenudge*

Sharifah Bday 2013

I made a few cakes in  a short amount of time, and thank goodness food isn’t affected quite like it is in Like Water for Chocolate.

cake 8-12-13b

Doggie cupcakes (not safe for dogs however)

cake 8-12-13c…and for those who love animals…

cake 8-12-13

A couple weekends back I made a Paso Robles vacation video. I realized that A) panning around on my camera is kinda stupid if you can just take pictures and use the video app to pan around without shakey hands and b) you may think it is boring. I’m hellbent on making videos of all of our trips because one day, I might really regret it if I don’t. 

When people ask me what I’ve been up to, I want to say shuffling around in misery, and playing Candy Crush Saga. Busty bursty ovary cyst for 8 days now and I’m trying to stay positive. It works sometimes but other times I swing into feeling frustrated mostly because it’s slowing me down. I feel like I want to run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all about that, I could go on for awhile, but it would be kinda super boring, frustrating, and I could only imagine someone reading this to care as much as I care about those who complain all day on Facebook. The point is, I’m being active about fixing it, but that involves waiting a few weeks which sucks.

Oh and today I took Candy Crush Saga off of my iPad. I’m well aware I can put it back, but here’s my attempt at stopping this waste of time. I won’t mention that it is still on my phone… Nope, I won’t mention that part.