Holy crap it has been awhile.

October has been a transitional month for me in that it’s the first month I haven’t been walking around in pain for what felt like a very long time. I want to celebrate, it’s awesome! I found though, that with all the laying around and comfort food eating I just gained weight, lost strength and my normal flexibility. My energy is drained even on the most normal walk. This week I’ve done yoga a few times and intend to get back to normal again! I am not taking this healing for granted.

Many things happened in the last two months, including the loss of one of my favorite class horses Sprite. She was an older horse, so she had a long good life with some great people, and she showed me many things. Firstly being, how to not be scared. I always told myself I wouldn’t ride a Thoroughbred. She showed me that just like everything else I tend to be narrow minded about, I was wrong about Thoroughbreds in that I had just judged them all as too fast and amped up for me. Thank you to Sprite for proving me wrong, and showing me how awesome a Thoroughbred can be to such a scared little rider. I got to ride her the weekend before she passed away, and it was a great and happy ride. She’s someone I feel that I will always remember. Sprite

Jess and I did the BF Strut Your Mutt walk down at Woodley Park and even though it was incredibly hot, it was fun to get out and walk and to see all the dogs. We also got lots of free stuff including a tub o’ doggie peanut butter that miss Daisy absolutely LOVES. I made a bunch of mini cupcakes for the volunteers which was great, and after seeing them working and standing in the sun, they totally deserved them!

BF Cupcakes BF Strut Your Mutt

I visited my friend at a shelter and got to pet these cute little possums. It was such a cool experience. The babies are ridiculously cute, even though they’ve got some crazy teeth. Still, I have crazy teeth too so who am I to judge. It was great to see an old friend, and she’s one of those great animal friends who you always learn something new from.

Pasadena Humane

Daisy had the zoomies quite a few times this month, we spent a lot of time hanging out. I don’t think I can ever live without a dog after this!


And then I got sick, and ate a few bowls of Pho and spent a lot of time alone reevaluating my life and thinking of how lonely it could be if I don’t make more friends. At least the pho was freaking amazing! There I was complaining to myself and yet not emailing or calling people. This is something I need to work on.


When I felt better, it was time for Halloween decorations and Autumn cocktails:

The Pumpkin Divine,

Pumpkin Butter Cocktail


Witches Brew, (I love the way it looked!!)

Witches Brew Martini

and a Hot Apple Toddy.

Hot Toddie

I don’t enjoy selfies, well, unless I’m in a clown suit or in an awkward position, but I do enjoy drink photo shoots. It’s giving me another reason to enjoy the endless little artistic nooks we have all over the house.

This weekend, I’ll try the Maple Bourbon Drink.

I was asked to make a simple cake this past week with one of my favorite fillings – poppy seed cake with raspberry filling. I made a bit too much filling, and when carving the cake to get it level, I gladly disposed of it in my belleh. It’s hard to make a cool cake for a guy but turns out he loved it! His girlfriend ordered it, and he was thrilled about it!

Don's Cake 10-15-13

I got finished and moved right on to a costume commission for Pennywise. I finished it within three days of mad crazy sewing and it turned out pretty dang accurate. I will be able to post pictures of it after Halloween, once the whole costume is put together with makeup and everything.

I intend to make some new goals, and drop some of the ones that nag at me that I do nothing about. Things have been more simple lately, I kinda like it right now. Besides, there is a fantastic new American Horror Story season that just started. =D