Halloween this year was:

The Haunted Hayride:

photo 1

Decorating, and irrationally obsessing over collecting Lemax Spookytown houses:



Dropping by the insanely busy Underwood Farms to walk through a pumpkin patch, only to find the most cleverly shaped pumpkins are full of invisible thorns:


And a fun little pumpkin carving party:

photo 2 - Copy

IMG_4223 - Copy



And a few days later the last project I worked on was revealed. The best part about this is he made two people cry and he had people running away from him:



And lastly, and yet to come, is Dia De Los Muertos.

On the morning of Halloween, after a few days of stress I had this very short dream. I went outside the front of our house, and there on the lawn was a little white cat with an orange face. She was just hanging out happily cleaning herself, and being apathetic about my presence. As I tried to walk towards her I looked to my left and there was Itty Bitty. He was happy to be outside, with his tail up, and just hanging around until it was time to go explore with his new ghost-cat friend. And that was it. I woke up content, hoping that maybe if there is an afterlife, he’s haunting our yard, and wanted to say hello on Halloween. I hope he is out there, and that he knows how much he is missed every single day.